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Lab Culture

Research in our lab is driven by curiosity, by wanting to know. We are part of a collective mission of humankind (yes, we watch too many series) to understand the world around us, in particular the molecular aspects of life. Such a mission requires strong work ethics, and the lab will pride itself from developing solid research and honest researchers.

The scientific goal of the lab is described in our Research page (click above). It is not only important what we do, but how we do it, and with whom we do it, so the other equally important goal of the lab is to welcome people from all "corners of life” and provide all lab members with opportunities and experiences for scientific, professional and personal growth. This goal implies that we build and develop a lab culture in which each lab member finds in the lab a safe, motivating and inspiring place where to work on their projects and on their career development.


Finally, check the poster on the right; it was done by Sammy Katta but is adopted by our lab. More information and a pledge related to this poster can be found here.

Poster saying: In this lab, we believe that science is real, love is love, black lives matter, feminism is for everyone, genes are cool and immigrants are welcome
WhatsApp Image 2024-06-03 at 21_edited.p

All of us (June 2024)

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Celebrating the boss's birthday (April 2024)


Afonso's farewell cakes and drinks (March 2024)

IMG_7513 (1).HEIC
IMG_7539 (1).HEIC

The queens of 2024's Gallette des rois (Jan 2024)

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