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Here are some of Rafael's publications as a postdoc and PhD student; click on the title to open a link to the paper.

Full list of Rafael's publications here.


Galupa R ✉️ , Alvarez-Canales G, Borst NO, Fuqua T, Gandara L, Misunou N, Richter K, Alves MRP, Karumbi E, Perkins ML, Kocijan T, Rushlow CA and Crocker J ✉️. Enhancer architecture and chromatin accessibility constrain phenotypical space during Drosophila development. Developmental Cell 58: 51-62 (2023)

Galupa R ✉️. Lppnx lncRNA: the new kid on the block or an old friend in X-inactivation choice? PNAS 120:e2218989120 (2023)

Galupa R* ✉️, Picard C*, Servant N, Nora EP, Zhan Y, van Bemmel JG, Zhan Y, El Marjou F, Johanneau C, Borensztein M, Ancelin K, Giorgetti L and Heard E ✉️. Inversion of a topological domain leads to restricted changes in its gene expression and affects inter-domain communicationDevelopment 149 (9): dev200568 (2022)

Furlan G ✉️ and Galupa R ✉️. Mechanisms of choice in X-chromosome inactivation. Cells 11(3), 535 (2022)

Galupa R, Nora EP, Hunt RW, Picard C, Gard C, van Bemmel JG, Servant N, Zhan Y, El Marjou F, Johanneau C, Diabangouaya P, Le Saux A, Lameiras S, Fonseca J, Loos F, Gribnau J, Baulande S, Ohler U, Giorgetti L and Heard E ✉️. A conserved noncoding locus regulates random monoallelic Xist expression across a topological boundary. Molecular Cell 77: 352-367 (2020)

van Bemmel JG* ✉️, Galupa R*, Gard C, Servant N, Picard C, Davies J, Szempruch AJ, Zhan Y, Zylicz JJ, Nora EP, Lameiras S, Gentien D, Baulande S, Giorgetti L, Guttman M, Hughes JR, Higgs DR, Gribnau J and Heard E ✉️. The bipartite TAD organization of the Xic ensures opposing developmental regulation of Tsix and Xist. Nature Genetics 51: 1024-1034 (2019)

Galupa R and Heard E ✉️. X-chromosome inactivation: a crossroads between chromosome architecture and gene regulation. Annual Reviews of Genetics 52: 535-566 (2018)

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